Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 1

The five of us climbers and three guides all met at Alaska Mountaineering School’s office in beautiful Talkeetna Alaska. Not surprisingly everyone that wants to spend a month climbing a snow toped mountain are all A-type personalities. We all got along great. The first thing we did was sit in a circle and tell everyone a little bit about ourselves. Everyone was very accomplished from summating Denali before, to striving for the 7 summits. I was the only person that hadn’t climbed a mountain before. We went over what is expected of us, and the rules while on the trip. We did gear check, lunch, and then traveled the 3 min drive to the airport. We loaded the gear onto the plane, took some pictures and minutes later took off flying to the mountains. It's daunting flying into the mountain range seeing 100s of snow-topped peeks. Our plane equipped with skis touched down on the kahiltna glacier at base camp. After removing all the gear from the plane we set up camp, cooked supper and went to bed. 

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