Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 4

This was the most challenging day. We snow shoed to 11,000 camp, which took us close to 8 hours. The last two hours of it was this never-ending hill. By the time we arrived I was ready to crash. Generally when we get to our campsite we need to pack and flatten down the snow where our tents are going to go and then use our snow saws to cut out snow blocks to build 5 foot wind blocking walls around the tent. This would normally take a few hours however we have been getting really lucky and have been able to move into someone else’s tenting area who had just left hours before. However, we still needed to set up tents, eat supper, and use the CMC (poop can). We only do it right up here on Denali. We don't just go poop in crevasses or dig a hole in the snow. No, we use a green bucket with a black top that has a plastic bag liner. The best part about it, the bucket is shared between the eight of us and is only changed out once it is full. The full bag is then thrown into a narrow crevasse where the glacier will do it's magic and make it disappear. We have been trying to build walls around the pooping area however the walls don’t keep the wind or the freezing temperatures away. You can probably guess going to poop isn't something I look forward too. 

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