Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 9

We took a rest day today at 14,000 camp and passed our time learning how to ascend fix lines and playing cards. There is another AMS team that started a week before us who is currently at 17,000 camp which is the launching point to Denali’s summit. One of the members was throwing up and had an "8 out of 10" headache. These are real signs of altitude sickness. She was escorted down to 14,000 camp with a guide today to heal. The other AMS people remained at 17,000 camp and are waiting for a weather window to attempt the summit. We listened to the 8:00 weather report tonight and we are expecting -30 F or -34 C tomorrow with winds and chances of snow. Not the best news when you are anticipating on cacheing equipment at 16,500 feet. We have a wake up call tomorrow at 9:00 am when we will be deciding what our next move is. 

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