Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 7

Today was the day of all days. I had to pull last bits of energy from my core to make it to 14,000 camp. So today's climb was the same as yesterday's up to windy corner. After that section we hiked another 3 miles on a slight up hill. I know what your thinking a slight up hill sounds nice. Not the case. It wears you out so quickly. During this stretch I wanted to slow down, stop, rest, take a nap. I dug down deep and continued to push myself repeating in my mind "one more step, one more step". During this last hour pulling a 40 pound sled and carrying a 50 pound pack I realized that not everyone can do this. Your body needs to be built for this and you need to be born with a mind to push yourself to the point that you’re going to fall over. Today was for sure the toughest day however it will be beat. Our next move is up the head wall. Pictures will not do justice. This hill is just outside of camp and stands there staring at us. The hill has ropes going from three quarters of the head wall to the top called fix lines which we attach to, enabling us to ascend pitches up to 50 degrees. I'm in my tent right now, so tired, laying in my sleeping bag with snow pants and a coat. For every 1,000 feet we climb the temperatures drop 4 degrees. We have another 7,000 feet to climb with an expected drop in temperature to -38F or -38C (this is the temperature where both F and C meet) not including any wind chill. Keeping warm becomes more and more important. 

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